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    Henry Brown

    yes I know the “source ” for this article was Hiring conference inside the beltway BUT and has this article from Defense Systems points out, if rather indirectly, the training process for cybersecurity specialists needs some repair prior to fully addressing any hiring issues.

    Feds experiencing critical cybersecurity staff shortage

    New recruiting, training programs can help, but government needs to change hiring process, panelists say

    * By William Jackson
    * Oct 21, 2010

    The Homeland Security Department is focused on recruiting and hiring cybersecurity personnel. It tripled the number of professionals working in the National Cybersecurity Division in fiscal 2009 and doubled it again last year.

    But that still brings the number of cybersecurity professionals working in the division to only 220.


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    Paul Zedeck

    Part of the challenge is not only finding candidates that are book smart but have street smarts. Understanding the risk management framework from NIST and how it applies in the real world is the difference between a compliance analyst and an IA Risk Manager. Sad thing is that I don’t see to many other IA Risk Managers out there. The kids coming out of school don’t seem to have a clue as to how information assurance/security functions in the federal space. It’s very frustrating trying to find even entry level folks who can apply theory in a functioning enterprise.

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