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    Meghan Harvey

    I was looking to see if anyone might have any ability to help me, help my cousin. She is a single mom in Sacramento, CA whose very smart and very hardworking daughter has been awarded enrollment in the CYCL! My cousin is as proud as a mom could be, but is struggling with finding a way to pay for it. She is doing what she can to find someone to maybe sponsor her daughter or raise some funds to pay for it, but so far is not having any luck. She has even written to her local representatives there in Sacramento and so far has heard nothing back. This is a great program, and I would hate to think she would miss out on the once in a lifetime opportunity to attend.
    Members of the U.S. Congress and over 50 embassies representing countries around the world serve on CYLC’s Honorary Board of Advisors, so I was hoping that maybe someone out there on GovLoop might work for a department or organization that would be interested in sponsoring a well deserving kid, interested in government leadership. If anyone knows anything about CYCL, or a way to help pay the conference, please let me know.
    The amount needed is $1,579, which for a single mom (heck, a single family) isn’t exactly easy to come up with these days. And registration is due on December 5th.
    Nothing is more important in this day and age than making sure we’re doing what we can to ensure that the next generation of leaders are ready to lead when their time comes.
    She is a great kid, who deserves this more than I could say. Thanks!

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