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    Henry Brown

    IMO very interesting… Would be very interesting to see the numbers for the other “social networks” (Google+,Linkdin)

    Not at all familiar with this system (Mathematica and Wolfram Language) but I would wonder if this system could be used to analyis an organizations social networking statistics

    from the Wolfram blog

    More than a million people have now used our Wolfram|Alpha Personal Analytics for Facebook. And as part of our latest update, in addition to collecting some anonymized statistics, we launched a Data Donor program that allows people to contribute detailed data to us for research purposes.

    A few weeks ago we decided to start analyzing all this data. And I have to say that if nothing else it’s been a terrific example of the power of Mathematica and the Wolfram Language for doing data science. (It’ll also be good fodder for the Data Science course I’m starting to create.)

    So what does the data look like? Here are the social networks of a few Data Donors

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