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    Henry Brown

    PERHAPS “bored” scientists:

    From MSNBC
    Scientists convert information into pure energy

    For the first time, scientists have converted information into pure energy, experimentally verifying a thought experiment first proposed 150 years ago.

    Not only were the researchers able to move the particle up the stairs, but they were able to precisely measure how much energy was converted from information.

    The researchers describe their results in the Nov. 14 online edition of the journal Nature Physics.

    In an accompanying essay in the same issue of the journal, physicist Christian Van den Broeck of the University of Hasselt in Belgium, who was not involved in the new study, called it “a direct verification of information-to-energy conversion.”

    While the experiment itself does show that it’s possible to create energy out of information, in practice, the technique doesn’t offer potential for solving the energy crisis any time soon.

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