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    Elliot Volkman

    When it comes to social media there appears to be a keyword missing for most people, social. How frequently do you come across groups, organizations or maybe even agencies that simply put out press releases and unactionable content on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn?

    For those who seem to be missing the part about being social, how do you handle it? Do you simply ignore them, unfollow them, reach out directly? If so has there ever been a response?

    Further, last week I created a not so scientific social experiment utilizing my brothers, and how odd it would be to speak at someone using real-time messaging (Facebook chat). The reactions were just as you would expect, and acts as a representation to those who continue to use social media as a one way street of communication.

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    Robert Bacal

    Elliott, the research supports the idea that social media isn’t social at all, and there’s remarkably little conversation going on. It’s how most people use it. Most tweets and facebook updates receive no responses. Not only is it how people use the thing, but it’s how they WANT to use it.

    Just look at govloop, which is, in essence a broadcast media because people do NOT comment and interact (no slight on govloop, but the people are speaking.

    Now if all the social media marketers and promoters, experts and pundits, and sponsors would realize it, and act accordingly we could finally get to the point where we lose the BS, and get on with how we can use technology in a way that works and is consistent with how real people behave.

    Yeah, it’s a pet peeve.

    On a deeper note, if you want to know WHY people aren’t being social on social media, check out the notions of “thin relationships”.

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