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    As an alternative to the GovMadness college basketball banter going on across the street in another forum, I thought we should set up a forum for people who aren’t sports fans, but feel a strong sense of pride in their alma mater have some incredible memories from their time in school…you know, the ones you can share publicly!

    So: What’s your favorite college memory?

    Some of mine:
    – studying on Central Campus (beautiful green expanse…especially on the first days of spring)
    – drinking coffee and meeting friends at Cafe Beaudelaire (best philosophical conversations ever!)
    – that time when me and my fraternity brothers…oh wait, better not share that one 🙂
    What are yours?

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    Scott Horvath

    I’d have to say Greek Sing. Each year the fraternities and sororities on campus would have a week long set of competition events called Greek Week. We usually had bands play in The Quad like Violent Femmes (“Blister in the Sun”) and others. At the end of each week we had singing competition called Greek Sing. The best one I remember is getting up on stage where we did a couple different types of songs in which we had to integrate the sorority names into the song along with lyrics that complemented the theme for Greek Week. I remember being on stage with two other guys doing scat poetry, and then everyone getting involved in a James Brown remake of “I Feel Good!”

    Ahhh, those were the days.

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    Larry Miller

    My first night in Gainesville, when I knew I was free to do anything I wanted.

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    Sam Allgood

    With a very atypical college experience, my greatest memories are fellowship with a great group of Christians where I transitioned from being a ‘churchian’ to being a Christ-follower and student of the Bible.

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    What fraternity? I was FarmHouse (FH) – only at land grant institutions…started out for only ag majors, then evolved. We were as geeky as it sounds…not necessarily Lambda Lambda Lambda, mind you, but definitely some smart, overachieving guys (present company excluded ;-).

    For Greek Week one year we had a swing dance competition. We did a routine to “Devil Goes Down to Georgia.” We tore it up and won that year…not just that dance competition, but the whole week. I think we killed the athletic portion that year, too.

    We also had a Varieties show each spring where we’d each team up with a sorority to produce an original musical…again, on the nerd front, we were kind of known for singing/performance, etc…so usually were perennial top 2 for that competition.

    You just brought back a flood of memories there! Thanks, dude.

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    I think it would probably have to be the day we had a “beach party” in the courtyard. We went to school in Florida, but as theatre majors we rarely had time to go to the beach. So, we brought our towels, bathing suits, boombox, and rum punch out and generally just acted like fools while the rest of the students walked by and stared at us. Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to do something silly like that!

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    Nice. In Iowa, this was ALL we could do to simulate the beach. 🙂

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    Scott Horvath

    I’m a founding father of the Xi Septaton Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa at George Mason University. As far as fraternal matters go, being a part of getting our charter was definitely the reigning moment of memories from my college days.

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    Ingrid Koehler

    My favorite college memory was of leaving my car illegally parked in a Faculty lot at the University of Tennessee – I’d gone up to do some work in Geology lab at night and then went off to the library forgetting I’d driven. Not just a ticketable but a TOWING offense. But President George Bush (the elder) was speaking on campus the following day and for some reason the normally eagle eyed and draconian parking enforcers failed to spot my car. I went from the fear my car had been stolen when it wasn’t in front of my apartment to the agony of realising i’d left my car on the Hill to the ecstasy of no ticket!

    Seeing the President speak and the copious $1 drinks afterwards wasn’t too bad either.

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    Anita Veal

    Taking my daughter to school with me at night, introducing her to the college scene. (Essex County College)
    Staying up until 2:00 AM to finish my 30 page paper. (Rutgers)
    Graduating after all my hard work! 🙂 (Fairleigh Dickinson University)

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    James V. Pritchert

    The first class of Microbiology at the University of Kentucky (one of many I attended). I sat at a lab table and the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen came in and sat next to me. She explained that she was a former runner up for Miss Mississippi. She also told me that her husband was frequently away on business and that she would get so lonely during his absences.
    I might as well have taken the F on the first night and saved time and energy.

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    Christina Morrison

    I’m with you guys, Greek Week was the best time of year. Winter was finally over, and spring was here — that means time for Greek Week. I was not a fan of the Greek Sing — Greek Olympics was my gig. I’m Delta Phi Epslion from Towson. Hanging at the Quad was also a great way to pass the time in the fall/spring. Sometimes the Quad was too much fun, and I would forget about my next class.

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