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    Andrea Schneider

    Greetings GovLoop Friends!

    I am conducting a global scan of trends and concrete cases using design thinking/service design within public organizations. The scan is carried out on behalf of the London School of Economics (LSE) in London, professor Patrick Dunleavy and his research team, who are publishing a new book on the application of design in government.

    By design approaches we mean the use of methods such as design (or ethnographic) research, graphics, visualisation, models, prototypes, rapid iteration, ideation and concept development. It’s important these cases have consciously used these types of methods, used the words design, have been purposeful about keeping the end-user in mind, have co-created, co-designed and prototyped to get to the best results.

    Typically this would have been in the form of distinct projects, with the assistance of external design consultancies, such as IDEO, or internal design or innovation resources.

    I am conducting this work as a Research Associate for Christian Bason, who is Director of MindLab, a government-run innovation unit in Denmark. Christian is the author of numerous books on innovation and design in public services, and has been invited by the LSE to write a chapter on non-UK examples of design in government.

    We have a pretty good handle on cases in the UK, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand. We are very interested in finding cases in the United States, South America, Africa and Asia.
    Christian and I have to deliver a script within a couple of weeks, so your help on this would be great and important. If you have done or know of any cases using these methods, please let me know. Also, what is the best way for us to connect? Please ask me any questions you may have. I know our turnaround time is short.
    Thanks so much!

    A recent article in the Guardian UK describes Design Public Services well.
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    There are books that help to understand the historical aspect of economic development, but you are talking about revolutionary new solutions. I recommend reading the memoirs of successful people.

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    I like your rhetoric but you are wrong. Old books help to combine and produce revolutionary new solutions. For example, I recently read several books by Voltaire. We create the new with the help of the old and the forgotten. I think that the historical context allows us to understand the logic and premises.

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