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    Detail Opportunity: Open Government at OPM

    The White House Open Government Directive requires federal agencies to take immediate steps to achieve transparency, participation, and collaboration. OPM is seeking several Federal detailees for a 4-6 month non-reimbursable assignment.

    The Flagship Initiative for OPM is the creation of a Knowledge Management system to help OPM increase transparency, widen participation, and foster collaboration both internally and externally. OPM’s Open Government Web site is called OpenOPM.


    OPM is also examining changes needed within its own organizational behavior to create a more open culture and to centralize the existing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in each outward-facing function of the agency.

    The selectee will lead an Action Learning Team designed to provide research and outline a plan for identifying and re-engineering existing business processes to support a more open culture at OPM that will remove internal and external barriers to collaboration, transparency, and communication. Duties include:

    · Establishing Communities of Practice

    · Collaborating with other organizations to determine best practices for developing customer service SOPs

    · Creating agency-wide customer service SOPs

    · Using collaborative technologies to communicate ideas with various stakeholders

    There are additional details available for knowledge management and the coordinating core team.

    Contact: Dr. Mary Volz-Peacock, [email protected]

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