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    Steve Ressler

    Cool opening that may interest some…

    Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
    Office of Inspector General (OIG)
    GS-2210-7 (FCIP Career Ladder, Potential to GS.11)
    TS clearance required.
    Washington, DC.
    Direct Hire under the Federal Career Intern Program (FCIP)
    position description attached

    Apply NLT next Friday, Jan. 29 with a resume to amanda.strickler[at ]dhs.gov
    (you can also email her with specific questions)

    This position is located in the security testing group within the Office of Information Technology (IT), Office of Inspector General (OIG), Department of Homeland Security. The Office is responsible for planning, fieldwork, and report phases of IT-related audits as well as the planning and performance of IT and security related segments of program audits, evaluations, special inquiries, and investigations of DHS and its components, both domestic and overseas.
    This position is an advanced trainee level in the career ladder progression for an IT Auditor, GS-2210-12, described under PD#05Q716. The incumbent will be provided on-the-job training and formal classroom training to perform those duties and responsibilities required for the next higher level of a GS-2210-9, PD#05Q714. Upon meeting qualification requirements, completion of training objectives, satisfactory performance on the job, time-in-grade requirements and any other requirements established by higher authority, the incumbent will be non-competitively promoted to the next higher level of this position.

    Brief Description:
    performing security testing on systems and networks throughout DHS. The more technical the person wants to get, the better. I’m always open to suggestions of new tools or ways of testing/automating our processes. requires a certain amount of writing and analysis that comes after fieldwork.

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