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    Kyle David Jones

    Hello everyone,

    After following great advice from some of you, I have attended a couple career fair and received some excellent information regarding the hiring processes and various employment information about specific agencies.
    I have found that the DIA is one agency that I am particularly interested in after also speaking with contacts familiar with and formerly employed by the DIA. I am a biomedical engineer so I am interested in a scientist/engineer position with them. At one of the career fairs, they were accepting resumes so I gave them one at that event. I have applied to a couple opportunities through their website and found out that the DIA pulls all applications on the 2nd of every month.
    Any advice regarding other things I can do besides waiting?
    Thank you in advance for any advice you may have!
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    Hi Kyle – here are 4 members who have DIA as their current agency or organization, including one who is a “Career Manager” –

    Here are another 5 that have Defense Intelligence Agency:

    Maybe you can reach out to a couple of them and learn more about working there, see if they know anyone else in the agency, put you in touch with HR contacts, etc.

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    Kyle David Jones

    Thank you!

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    James Yarnall


    I know this post is from a couple of years ago but I was curious, did you get any career help? I have recently applied with the DIA and my application seems to be stuck in the “screen” phase. I hope you are still active on the boards and have had some good luck!



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