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    Henry Brown

    Editorial in the International Spectator
    Title: In Defense of Digital Freedom:

    Author: Marietje Schaake

    Digital freedoms and fundamental rights need to be enforced, and not eroded in the face of vulnerabilities, attacks, and repression. In order to do so, essential and difficult questions on the implementation of the rule of law, historically place-bound by jurisdiction rooted in the nation-state, in the context of a globally connected world, need to be addressed. This is a matter for the EU as a global player, and should involve all of society.

    Today people’s digital freedoms and the open internet are under threat. This is a truly global trend, though its manifestations differ. Repression and human rights violations have a growing technological component. We not only face concrete cybercrime/threats, in many countries, governments’ desire to control and repress have moved online. In other places it is rather their inaction and unbridled privatisation of the web and the essential, critical functions or use related to the internet and technologies. There is also the risk that well-intended cyber security measures have disproportionate collateral impact on our digital freedoms.

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    Henry Brown

    Must be something in the water<GRIN>… Not sure why today my RSS feeds are full of links to privacy/cybersecurity issues. I have posted 3 of what I believe would/could have the most impact

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