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    Emily Landsman

    So game 7 of the NBA finals, if necessary, will be June 26, the same day as various local, state and federal elections in Oklahoma.

    Would this create problems for die-hard basketball fans? “Do I vote or do I watch this exciting game on tv?” Why this is even a question I’m not really sure, considering there are several methods by which one can cast their vote, including 12 hours during the day before the game itself.

    From the perspective of voters, I don’t really think there’s a problem at all,” [state Election Board Secretary Paul Ziriax] said. “Our polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Polls close a full hour before tipoff so fans of the Thunder who also want to do their civic duty by voting will have plenty of time to do that on Election Day. Any fans who are concerned about that, of course, can vote by absentee or take advantage of the early voting that starts prior to the election.”

    (Full disclosure…I didn’t realize that Oklahoma City had a pro basketball team until recently. I’ve actually visited the city several times over the last few years and never picked up on it.)

    Check out more election related news at

    It’s upsetting to me that this might even be a consideration. Voter turnout is low during general elections, let alone primaries and special elections. What do you think?

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    Dave Hebert

    I was trying to figure out why you were posing this, Emily … and then I went to the article. Good grief — it would appear there is ample accommodation for both. I can see it being a challenge if you were actually going to attend the game, but if so, you have options.

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    Corey McCarren

    There are people who will look for any excuse to not vote and not feel guilty about it. Nothing you can do about those individuals.

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    Tom Savoie

    This is the precise reason they invented Tivo and the DVR!!!! Vote Damn it!!!!

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    Stephen Peteritas

    This is really more of a commentary on the current landscape of American society. I mean we cry shame all we want but it doesn’t change the fact that if Kevin Durant were on the ballot voter turn out would skyrocket.

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    Patrick Fiorenza

    I don’t see this as an issue – the game starts after polls close, so hopefully people will take care of the various voting options throughout the day. Also, this gives the Thunder even more incentive for them to win in 5 games!

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    Emily Landsman

    I don’t know why someone wrote about it. It just upset me! How do you link those two events?

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    Charles A. Ray

    I can’t believe this even came up for discussion. Anyone who simply must see the game should either go to vote early, or late, or however it’s set up. If they can’t then they should miss the game and vote. If you don’t play in the game (vote) you can’t complain about the way its played.

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    Mark Hammer

    I’ll wager the inventors/developers of the technology never thought of it as saving democracy!

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    William Lim

    Well, looks like Miami took care of that particular problem…

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