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    Doris Tirone

    Maybe it’s because the “meat & potatoes” of my job require me to stay abreast of Federal employee compensation and benefits legislation but, of late, I’ve come to believe that most Govies don’t share my same level of interest and I wonder why that is?

    Having come from the private sector, I know exactlywhat I gave up in my compensation and benefits package to work for the Feds. And even though I knowingly traded off a much better financial deal, I also knew the Feds would take care of me … or so I thought.

    I wonder if other Govies, those who have never worked in the private sector, truly understand and appreciate the Feds’ employee compensation system and benefits programs and if so, why this massive body of voters hasn’t raised its collective voice in the media to send a message to our elected officials to keep their hands off our slim pickin’s?

    Reforming Federal compensation and benefits may be a good idea, it may even save taxpayers a buck or two … but by the time changes take hold, the economy will be on the rise and private sector employers will be poaching away our talent again by offering enticing financial packages.

    I wonder. Is this big business’ way, right now, to prevent the Feds from enticing away their talent?

    As a Federal employee, do you care about your compensation and benefits package? If so, do you care enough to accept only what legislators think will get them more votes or do you care enough to let your opinions be heard?

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    Henry Brown

    Tis a very slippery slope!

    One has to have a very strange makeup to deal with the wrath that comes down on high if one attempts to impact the “political process” even to the extent that is permitted by the Hatch Act.

    NOT sure that it is directly related however: Here in Alabamba the Alabamba Republicans passed a rather draconian “retirement moderization bill” that affected ALL state employees. (was going to save ~10 Million Dollars a year starting this fiscal year) when 25 percent of the senior state employees applied for retirement feb 28 which was going to leave MOST government agencies extremely short and would have to find the money to hire replacements, they said Oops we really didn’t mean it this way, and they are fast tracking a bill that will only affect new hires retirement plans….

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