Do you feel more productive now than a few years ago?

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    Steve Ressler

    The NY Times had a great article over the weekend on “When the office technology overwhelms, get organized

    It started with the question they asked folks “do you feel more productive now than a few years ago”?

    Resounding answer was no. With comments like:

    • “I have too many meetings to attend, and I can’t get any ‘real’ work done.”

    • “I have too many e-mails, and, given day-to-day urgencies, the backlog keeps growing.”

    • “I feel like I’m not giving the right amount of attention to what’s most important.”

    And the article’s remedy was to get extremely organized – capture everything that has your attention, clarify what it means to you, organize reminders, and reflect regularly

    Do you feel more productive now than a few years ago?

    How do you organize your day to maintain productivity?

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    Steve Cottle

    I don’t feel more productive now than a few years ago (or less, for that matter – I’ve always needed to stay organized to stay focused). However, I do feel like I can be equally productive no matter where I’m located, which I’d consider a big plus.

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    Mark Sullivan

    Looking at unit labor cost, yes (geek answer). In the last several years I have both taken on more complex work and obtained a graduate degree. In light of salary freezes and cuts (not to mention inflation), I see government getting much more value or “productivity” out of both myself and other public servants.

    Efficiency has been less a matter of organizing my day than in leveraging networks. Internally, I rely more on my colleagues to help filter the increased volume of information. Externally, I leverage relationships across government and elsewhere to get work done that I can’t possibly accomplish on my own.

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    Corey McCarren

    It’s hard for me to judge, because I’m more productive now than I was when I first started my career so it’s difficult where to attribute it. I will say that I feel like some technology is more convenient, but I don’t think it’s anything that would be that difficult to work around without the technology.

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    Dick Davies

    I am a great deal more productive than a few years ago. Social media has greatly reduced the aggravation of getting a constant message out. The most important phrase in the story was reflect regularly, then take appropriate action.

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    I had to think hard about this one, since my role as a leader/manager has changed over the past few years. I believe I am more productive–strategically. In the past I was too involved in day to day operational tasks/functions and never felt like I was making any headway. Now I’m able to give things a more strategic and “big picture” view, which lets me determine which things I or my staff need to focus on. I spend more time guiding and mentoring. Also, I’ve learned how to organize and use email to my favor. Facebook and other social medias are being used in my agency, so I am trying to utilize those tools also, without letting them overwhelm me. I continuously remind myself of the objectives and goals. Sometimes I have to ground myself by going back to paper and pen and perhaps walking the halls more often to personally visit staff vice using some form of electronic communication. I pick and choose the meetings I attend, otherwise, I’d be in meetings all day long. Bottom line: Yes I do believe I am more productive now.

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