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    Steve Ressler

    Does your agency have a dress code? If so, what is it? Is there also a separate unofficial dress code?

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    Alan Barta

    To the best of my knowledge my agency (Forest Service) does not have an official dress code. Depending upon position some employees are required to wear uniforms (such as front desk personnel at visitor centers) and all employees are required to wear safety equipment for some tasks (such as nomex for firefighting, leather boots for flying in helicopters, etc.). Any dress code would need to be negotiated with the union for bargaining unit employees. Unofficially, field office generally have employees dressed very casually (jeans, etc.) but regional offices and our national headquaters tend towards more business attire.

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    Jeff S

    My division has a dress code and on casual Fridays even has outlawed jeans and tennis shoes. We still have several old timers that when they leave their offices put on their suit jacket. When we get together for agency functions its obvious what division we are in as the other divisions have relaxed their dress policy.

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    Denise Petet

    We have no official dress code. We do have people in certain jobs that have to wear safety gear – boots, vests, hard hats, etc. But our average office worker does not have a specific agency wide dress code.

    Some of our offices do have a ‘no jeans’ policy, usually the ones interfacing with the public – big surprise there.

    There has been talk about implementing a state wide minimum dress code…but I think in this time of layoffs, cutbacks, no COLA raises telling the very same employees that they have to go out and purchase specific types of clothing isn’t something that would go over well (Not to mention that there are blue collar aspects that simply can’t comply…wanna wear a pair of dockers and a dress shirt to clean out a clogged drain or pipe?)

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    Julie Chase

    I work semi-industrial. I work in the office most of the day and go out into a larger industrial area off and on during the day. I love wearing my jeans “everyday”. I’m not the skirt and heels type, and if I ever have to start wearing pantyhose again, check my forehead, I may have a fever. UGGG….. I don’t mind wearing steel toe shoes, as Sketchers has some great ones (that Uncle Sam provides for me), you would never know they are steel toe. Most of the WG rent uniforms or they have the option of jeans and t shirt or shirt. I wouldn’t trade my dress code for anything. I do get “funny looks” when I go to training (mostly from the women). I am usually the person the “customer” is looking for when they come to my office. I am truly a “blue-collar” girl at heart. And working with mostly men is a benefit and cuts the “catty-ness” of an all women office down to size.

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    “Business casual” Which has to be the most vague dress code ever. I see everything from nice dress shirts and ties to jeans five days a week.

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    Kanika Tolver

    Google dress code is cool. One can where what makes him or her comfortable.

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    Rusty Logan

    Official dress code of my agency is “business casual” but I have recently moved to a more defined dress code that allows for jeans on a daily basis; the stipulation is that the individual still wear semi-profesional tops and footwear as we meet with the public on a daily basis… unfortunately, I recently stepped into the primary leadership role in my offfice and my predecessor’s views on business casual differed somewhat from my own… such as allowing individuals to wear hoodies as long as they also wore khakis… I added jeans, which everyone liked, but ditched the hoodies (and other hooded items) and now everyone seems to be acting like I asked them to cut off their arms… so dress has, unfortunately, been a rough area for me as of late 🙂

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    Deborah Palombi

    Yes, we have a dress code. I appreciate having a dress policy, at times when the policy was relaxed employees would show up at work in some of the most revealing clothes and not give it a second thought. We do participate in a dress-down Friday and inclement weather when the dress code is relaxed.

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    “Would you be embarrassed to go to hearings/be seen by senior officials in it?” = Don’t Wear It

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    Steve Cottle

    Good rule of thumb. With the wide latitude offered by “business casual” in offices I’ve worked with, I always subscribe to the theory that if you’re comfortable wearing it in a surprise meeting called by leadership, you’ll be OK.

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    Yep, indeed. A rule all that much more critical when that unplanned someone you encounter that day you expected to be quiet and uneventful could be Congress, OMB, your Cabinet Sec’y or Agency Director, the President, etc.This rule applies not only to what one wears, as well, but also what condition it’s in; for me to wear anything to work I make sure it’s in top condition (not worn, snagged, rumpled, scuffed, etc); and I try to be very conscious as well of grooming–hair, no chipped nailpolish, etc. (or for men, either clean shaven or with neatly kept facial hair; no ragged looking stubble, etc).

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    Jon P. Bird

    I think each manager sets the standard where I work. Suits are rare, except for on the top executive floor. Then it morphs into slacks and button down shirts, with jeans OK on Fridays. Nothing too exciting here, but then we are talking about the IRS!

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