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    Gary T Lefko

    Hi all

    We are looking to design a U. S. Forest Service, Chief Information Office employee suggestion program. If your agency (or you know of others) has a formal one can you share program structure, guidance, regulations, process (collectrion of ideas, vetting ideas, resourcing ideas, implementing ideas, recognition, etc) send [email protected]

    Thanks Gary

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    Hi Gary –

    We have an Interagency Community of Practice that has about 20 agencies that do this sort of thing, using ideation software. If you have (or create) and OMB MAX log-on, we can get you access to the site with all that good stuff.

    Drop me a line and I can tell you about the program we’re running at the Department of State.



    U.S. Department of State

    Executive Secretariat

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    Carol Davison

    The National Security Agency and U.S.A.F. used to have them, and may still do so. One of my co-workers was awarded $23,000 for this cost saving suggestion!

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    Sterling Whitehead

    Kerry, is the Interagency Community of Practice called the Interagency Community of Practice on OMB MAX? I can’t find it.

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    Gary T Lefko

    Thanks requested an ID. Makes one wonder (in Fed Gov) how many wonderful resources are out there that we don’t know about and can’t find … 🙂 Gary

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    Terrence Hill

    TSA has a great system called IdeaFactory. It is basically a blog where employees can submit ideas, vote for their favorites, comment and track. OPM recently adopted it from free. If you are interested, send me an e-mail at [email protected]. I can demo it for you and TSA will provide you with a DVD with the code, as well as a manual/SOP on how to manage the program. It’s a great program and you can’t beat the cost. For samples of similar programs, check out and Dell’s Ideastorm.

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    Michael L Bostrom

    Gary: I just finished devloping a beneficial suggestion program for Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton based on the Marine Corps Order. I will email you the Marine Corps Order and the Camp Pendleton Order that we developed. They are both still in draft form until the Marine Corps Order is finalized. I can send you the completed order once it is published. The team I worked with also developed training for New Employees/Newly joined Marines and is in the process of developing marketing materials for the program – to inlcude a training video. Once you receive my email, let me know if you would be interested in anything else that we have developed….


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    It’s called the Ideation Community of Practice on OMB MAX. Drop me an email to my work account: OConnorKA at and I give you more info.

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    Steve Ressler

    Really – $23k! That’s awesome

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    Scott Kearby

    Check out Harford County Maryland online site – Innovation in Harford County

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    Gary T Lefko

    Thanks for all the tips/emails. Gary

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    Gary T Lefko

    Scott what version of IdeaScale app are you (Hartford County) using-Civic? Gary

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    Gary T Lefko

    Me again … 🙂 … most likely we are going to be using IdeaJam software for “idea management” for our employee suggestion program. Two new questions for you all.

    1) Given dwindling budgets, overresourced, existing program of work priorities–how do you manage in the backend the suggestions generated by your employees (evaluation, implmenetation, resourcing, etc) against “all the work you are suppose to do?”

    2) Do you have formal (backend processing) documentation you can email me ([email protected]) so we can see how your “behind the scenes” process works in managing the ideas after they are collected?

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