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    Do you have the time?

    No – don’t look at your watch or the clock on your desktop!

    I mean, do you have the time to be reading this blog post? And are you even going to remember what you read once you’re done?

    Earlier this week, I attended my first Net2DC meetup. It was a “fireside chat” with author Clay Johnson about his new book, The Information Diet.

    Some of you might remember that I blogged about my enjoyment of this book a few weeks ago, and I was very excited to hear what Johnson had to say in person. The meetup was held at the Affinity Lab on U Street, which is a pretty neat place that I recommend everyone visit at least once.

    During the two hour talk, Johnson discussed many of the points he made in his latest book, but time was limited and he was not able to cover everything.

    And this got me thinking.

    One of the sections in the book is devoted to time management and tips about increasing one’s attention span. Johnson offers up various methods for enabling oneself to concentrate on one task – and one task alone – for a given period of time.

    As someone who routinely carries around a laptop, Droid Razr, Kindle and iPod all at the same time, I have been working on reducing distractions in my life for some time. Last summer, I read and blogged about Hamlet’s Blackberry, another book I recommend for anyone interested in the topic of media consumption in the 21st century.

    Both authors discuss time management and the concept of unplugging as a means of becoming more productive. After reading both of these books, I am attempting to develop my own new habits that will allow me to get more work done and actually remember doing it.

    But I am interested to hear from you.

    Do you actively unplug at certain points in the day? Turn devices to silent mode – or off altogether? How are you working on increasing your attention span?

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    Corey McCarren

    I try to power down during my lunch break and at random times where I feel like I should be just enjoying the moment.

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