Do You Make A To-Do List Everyday?

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    Lauren Modeen

    If you do, what do you use? Paper/pen? An email to yourself? Post-it notes on the wall? A Google site?

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    Stephen Peteritas

    I always make a daily list on a sticky note in pen. There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing something off in ink… so much better than erasing.

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    Alicia Mazzara

    I prefer to use pen and paper (like Stephen said, there’s just something about crossing things off), but I also use Google Tasks in my Gmail and on my phone if I’m on the go.

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    Allison Primack

    I’m with Alicia on this one. I have one on a whiteboard in my room, but I also have one synced with my phone. Its nice to know that I have one with me at all times that I will not lose (or hopefully not, at least…).

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    Nathan Greenhut

    I have a running to-do list that I prioritize and put estimated hours next to. For projects, I set aside that many hours a day. I think it is important to keep a to-do list, so you don’t lose track of things and make sure you spend the appropriate time on each task. The other benefit is when more projects or tasks come in, they are easy to prioritize or to ask for support on the others.

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    Kanika Tolver

    Yes, I do. It really keeps me organized and allows me to prioritize my tasks each day. Some things on today’s TO-do list will be moved to the next day’s To-Do list.

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    Carmen Aguirre

    I agree it just something about pen and paper that gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

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    Jeez Lauren everyday?. I’m not sure if i can be that organized :). But, when i make a to-do list, its generally for office related issues. I’m a technology kinda guy. I’ll use Microsoft outlook/tasks for office related and Google calendar for home related to-do’s.

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    Joe Williams

    I’ve used a variety of methods for to-do lists, ranging from post-it notes to Evernote. The system that works best for me is good ol’ pencil and paper. During the day I collect notes, some of which are to-do’s which I mark with a blank square to the left, wit hthe goal to complete all to-do’s by the end of the week. On Monday, I’ll go through the prior week’s to-do’s and for any that aren’t complete, start a new list and cross through the old ones. This was a system I devised when I served as an Executive Officer to an Associate Administrator at NASA Headquarters, and worked well for managing my to-do’s as well as informing him how many things I was working on (and how many of those things he would care about).

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    Jeff Ribeira

    Joe- change “pencil” to “pen” and this is almost the exact same thing I do as well!

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    Gary M. Morin

    I create ‘appointments’ in Microsoft Outlook with my to-do lists. It may even be an ongoing appointment for the week, so that it pops up every day and I can track what’s done, add to it as necessary. Especially helpful when I need to block out chunks of time to get these things done and need to focus on managing my time.

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    Geoff Hancock

    I’m a bit of an organization freak. I use pen and paper to check off items in planner.

    Freak part– I have my goals organized into 90 day plans and that into 30 day plans and then weekly.

    … ok weird …but it works this is how I move forward

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    Lauren Modeen

    I use a shared Google wiki site with a couple of my co-workers and create a “Daily.” I create a new one every day, and cross things off at the end of the day. At the end of the week, I can scroll back and see exactly what I got done. I can also see what others are doing, so we are on the same page.

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    Ariel R. Wyckoff

    Yes, I do. And I find it helps alot. I will go through at the end of the week and see if there’s anything I’ve forgotten, too. I generally find, however, that things often don’t get 100% done. They move forward in steps, so I revise or do sub-lists under the original lists, and then I make notes, etc. It does work, though.

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    [email protected]

    I use my whiteboard and it feels awesome to erase it off the board! My days are more productive when I make a list,

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    Steve Ressler

    If you take a peek on my desk, I have “Today’s To-Do’s” on a piece of paper. I make a new one every day and write it down in list form. I love physically scratching things off of my list!

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    ed bernacki

    I rarely make a list while my sister starts with a list of the lists she needs to make to have a good day.

    When I do make a list I use a very basic weekly calendar I bought.

    For the people who do make lists, do you also use SMART Goals? (specific, measurable, etc) I wrote an article on the theme of picking the right planning approach for your style of thinking. The same issue applies for daily lists….use just as much structure as you need to feel comfortable. Ed

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    Bob Ragsdale

    I have a running to-do list that I consult with constantly throughout the day. Pretty much at the end of every task. At the moment I am using MicroSoft OneNote, but a paper and pen works just as well.

    The approach I use is based on the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology developed by David Allen. His book really changed the way I work and as he says, put me on the road to the “Art of Stress-Free Productivity”. I generally give this book to every one of my staff.

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    Joe Williams

    I should have said “pen”, since that is what I use. Actually, two pens, one black and one red. I use the black pen to record the initial information, and the red pen to note updates or check off the completed to-do. So there you go!

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