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    Rennette Fortune

    Many busy HR professionals manage to find time for social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, govloop and even blogging on top of their typical 12-hour workdays. How is this possible? Do you think all its essential for all HR professionals to use social media tools?


    Rennette Fortune

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    Terrence Hill

    I not only think that they should use social media, but I think it is essential for several reasons:

    1. To keep up on the latest events in Congress, White House, and other government sites.
    2. To maintain professional competence and keep up with new techniques.
    3. To maintain communications with customers (employees).
    4. To provide customers/employees updates on new programs, policies, and practices.
    5. To network with other HR professionals.

    When other HR professionals tell me that they are not using social networks, I automatically assume that they don’t care about their professional development or their customers, who are all on social networks.

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    Robert Bacal

    Essential to achieve what purpose/goals?

    “Find time” means it’s more important than other things competing for time. What is it more and less important than?

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    I’d encourage HR professionals to ask a few basic questions:

    1 – Where do I get information / news on the latest developments in my field?

    2 – Where do I find answers to the questions that arise on the job?

    3 – How do I connect and network with others in my field beyond events and conferences?

    If they don’t have good answers to these questions, I’d say social media is one response to meeting professional objectives around career growth and advancement. And while the answers will vary across the field of HR, I’d suggest that social media is an incredible new tool that they should leverage for more efficient, real-time learning.

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