Do You think the Obama Administration Should Have More Power Regarding Cyber Crime? Can They Handle a Major Cyber Attack?

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    Matt Langan

    Introduced by ranking Senate members of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, the Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010, S.3480 is intended to create an Office of Cyber Policy in the executive branch of the government, confirmed by the Senate and ultimately reporting to the president. A critical part of the bill is that critical infrastructure networks such as electricity grids, financial systems and telecommunications networks need to cooperate with the Office of Cyber Policy.

    As you can imagine many in the technology industry do not like this top-down approach.

    What do you think? What happens if a BP oil spill-like cyber attack occurs? Wouldn’t you want the president to have more authority and step in to fix the situation? If this did happen, perhaps it could be an opportunity to show that President Obama and government can do better in crisis situations — unlike what is happening now with the BP debacle.

    Read more here and I welcome your thoughts and feedback.

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    I think it’s time for an all out McGruff-style education for America about cyber-crime!

    – A

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    Henry Brown

    a whole lot to digest about this bill, after spending some number of hours with it there are significant number of issues that will have to be addressed in one forum or another… There are parts of the bill that I believe will have rather universal acceptance and there are other parts which are probably a bit of reach even for those who believe that bigness is good and since the government is very big it is very good…

    IMO the biggest issue is who is in charge when a disaster strikes and can all the key players work together with equal power or does there need to be someone in charge. I believe that a case could be made for either position and After I make some effort to fully understand ALL the bill will make my opinion known to members of congress who will have to do all the workups on the bill.

    a 186 page bill which covers a whole lot of bases…

    Pdf file format or see attached

    on June 17th had had 17 blogs posted which voiced an opinion on what part of the bill or another…

    Google search ( ) turns up about 2 million items on this bill

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    Marco Morales

    I think any governmental entity can handle most any type of attack, including a cyber attack, with the right preparation and training of its personnel. Without well-developed and coordinated government inter-agency plans, which includes critical and creative strategic thinking and analysis, not much will come to fruition. But I believe it is in our best interests and is beginning to come together.

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    Henry Brown

    Positive COMMENTARY from GCN

    A cyber bill worth enacting
    Despite some industry concerns, the Senate cybersecurity bill hits the right marks
    * By Wyatt Kash
    * Jun 18, 2010

    We have routinely supported those who call for the overhaul of the Federal Information Security Management Act and highlight the need for more effective, real-time situational awareness in securing federal information systems. So the long-awaited cybersecurity bill (S. 3480) introduced in the Senate June 10 by Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Thomas Carper (D-Del.) is welcome news — and an important milestone that should draw cheers from many quarters.

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    Henry Brown
    Participant Senator Lieberman responds to the firestorm over the Cybersecurity bill

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