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    Shannon Kennedy

    I’m a huge fan of health apps because I like to be in the know.

    Do You Use Mobile Health Apps?

    What is your favorite?

    A few that I love are:

    Fooducate: This app is great for those of us who worry about what’s in our favorite packaged foods. Fooducate allows you to scan a barcode with your phone, and the app will give you a health grade as well as important nutrition facts.

    Good Food Near You: I hate traveling sometimes because it is so hard to stick to a healthy diet when you are forced to eat out. This app makes finding healthy dining options easy. The app locates where you are and provides a list of nearby places. From there you can select a restaurant and sort the menue by fat, calorie, carb, and protein conten.

    Sleep Cycle: Sometimes we wake up refreshed and ready to go, but sometimes we don’t. This app acts as a bio-alarm clock that analyzes your sleep patterns. All you have to do is set a 30-minute alarm window, and the phone wakes you up when you are in your lightest point of sleep.

    Whole Foods Recipes: Good ole’ Whole Foods. I love that place. This app is literally an organized recipe book.

    Nike + GPS: As an avid runner, this app is truly life changing. The Nike app maps your runs, tracks your time and distance and cheers you on. It’s perfect for someone who is training for a race or simply trying to improve their fitness.

    So there you have it. Stay healthy with your phone this year. It really can change your life!

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    Corey McCarren

    Nike + GPS is awesome, but I usually use a GPS watch because I’m afraid to break my phone without an armband (though I’d save much more money buying an armband instead of an entire GPS device). I’m occasionally illogical. That sleep cycle app sounds crazy by the way, I need to try it!

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    Joe Williams

    My favorite is RunKeeper, which I use to track my fitness routines. It does more than track runs – I use it to track my bike rides as well as to log my strength training workouts through one of the add-on “apps” (I use StrongerApp).

    My second favorite is LoseIt!, which I use to track caloric budget. With it, I’ve lost 20 pounds over the last 9 months.

    Both of these apps have a prominent place on my iPhone’s first app page.

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