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    Henry Brown

    I believe this subject was put in this forum but been months….

    From Federal Times:

    Lifting social media, USB ban means implementing safety strategy

    The U.S. Defense Department’s decision to lift the ban on both USB drives and the use of social media will make life easier for DoD personnel while simultaneously raising the bar on what the department must do to protect its network.

    Overall, DoD should be applauded. Making the right decision and making the easy decision are rarely the same thing, and this was the case with regard to the use of removable drives and social media sites. The easy thing to do — particularly in today’s climate, where barely a day goes by when we don’t encounter evidence of how treacherous a place the Internet can be — would have been to maintain the bans.

    However, such a stance was not sustainable — in terms of operations, user needs and even recruitment and retention. The world is changing, and institutions have to adapt effectively. Allowing the bans to stand, while perhaps not sustainable, offered the benefit of preventing further risk — other than the slow-but-steady process of organizational atrophy that comes with any head-in-the-sand approach.

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