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    During my days of training at the Graduate School (USDA), we used Adobe Connect as the platform of choice to deliver robust, video-based education modules.

    And I loved it!

    Some of the features that I appreciated most included:
    – showing both a live video on the screen while presenting slides or playing a video
    – sharing my screen, especially when participant’s asked questions and I wanted to demonstrate an activity, like how to create a blog or upload a YouTube video.
    – asking participants to break out into smaller groups to create a smaller audience where people could collaborate, then report back to the larger group, all in real-time
    – having multiple videos on the screen all at once (think Hollywood Squares)
    Some questions for you:
    1. Have you used Adobe Connect?
    2. What features and functionality do you appreciate?
    3. How would you improve it?
    4. If you haven’t used it, what questions do you have for your colleagues?
    By the way, if you’ve never used Adobe Connect, you see in the upper right that Emergent is hosting a free webinar and demonstration of Adobe Connect on Tuesday, August 24, from 2 – 2:30p. Learn more and register by clicking the image above.


    Disclosure: Adobe is a GovLoop 2010 Partner and Emergent is a GovLoop Sponsor.
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    Bryan M Muntzer

    Thanks for the post Andrew. We have customers today doing amazing things with Connect. It’s far more than just a collaboration and eLearning tool, though those applications are amazing. We even have government customers integrating Connect into Facebook to reach a more global audience. Become a fan of Co.Nx on Facebook.

    How’s this for thinking outside the box while using collaborative technology:

    1. HR Recruiting, Interviewing, Online Career Fairs
    2. Grants Processing
    3. Emergency Response / Disaster Recovery (Virtual Staging Area’s)
    4. Tele-Maintenance / IT Help Desk
    5. Product Rollout Training / Marketing

    These are just the tip of the iceberg. Anything you can do in person, you can replicate in a virtual environment.

    Come check out our free webcast. Anyone who attends through GovLoop can also get a free 30 Trial of Connect with training on how to use it in your environment.

    Check it out!

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    Stacy Surla

    Yes, we use Adobe Connect and I like how fast and easy it is. It’s generally glitch-free to start up and use, even for meeting participants who haven’t used it before (unlike some other to-remain-nameless conferencing tools).

    Besides meetings, our user experience team has been using Adobe Connect for remote user testing of web prototypes.

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    Ellen McCarthy

    I’ve used Adobe Connect on multiple HR Transformation projects. I love it.
    1. Sharing Databases
    2. File Sharing
    3. Preserving the integrity of the data and the versioning controls
    4. Flexibility & Security

    what I would like to know is the current capacity it takes on a computer. When I used it a year ago, it took up some capacity on my laptop.

    Is there a cloud component?

    How can agencies use Adobe Connect / training & performance wise to become paperless?
    I have heard that Adobe Connect is pretty expensive for agencies and that there are some smaller agencies utilizing a free “adobe-like” platform. What are the opportunities for agencies and constrained budgets?

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    Bryan M Muntzer


    There is no desktop component to Connect, so it shouldn’t have eaten up space on your laptop. Connect is either Hosted by Adobe, or is placed on a server beyond your (or the customers) firewall. Space then becomes an issue of what type of server you are running.

    As far as cost is concerned, “expensive” is relative to that agency/customer, and the functionality [you] are trying to get out of a system. I have seen customers buy “lower cost” options for collaboration, but they don’t meet all of your needs. Then, you end up purchasing another product to do video, another for desktop sharing, another for project management – at the end of the day, you have multiple stovepipe sokutions doing what Connect can do in 1.

    There are always opportunities to work within a customers budget. If you have questions, feel free to email me: [email protected].

    Though Adobe has customers as big as the Dept of Defense, they also have smaller S&L customers, non-profits, education…

    As far as paperless goes…great questions. Sharing of PowerPoint’s and other documents in a meeting is huge, especially during large briefings. The fact that you can upload files to the Connect File Share Pod, and have people download them on the other end can def saves trees and printing costs. Also, Adobe has some solutions in their LiveCycle suite of products that are all about reducing paper, and enhancing workflow. Check out this link:

    Hope this helps. Would like to talk some more. Email or call at anytime.

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    Chris Bennett

    I use Connect a lot because it’s the fastest way to screen share between a few people for free without the overhead of GoToMeeting or need for access codes.

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    That’s right – I forgot about the remote screen sharing in terms of giving someone control of the screen!

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    Ellen McCarthy

    It does help clarify. I will be in touch with some questions. I appreciate your clarifications. Have a good weekend!

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    Bryan M Muntzer

    Excellent. Have a great weekend as well. Look forward to speaking with you.


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    Kathleen Ridgely

    We just implemented Adobe Connect at my organization, Management Concepts, and I’d say so far the implementation is going well. We’ll be relying on it for training sessions and meetings, and I really think it is a step in the right direction for our programs.

    To respond to the questions:

    1. Yes, we’re using Adobe Connect right now and I think we’ll be using it A LOT in the future. There are a lot of possibilities with this platform.
    2. Although this is a very simple feature, but I love how layouts can be customized to feature different pods for focused functionality.
    3. I can’t see any ways to improve the technology right now, but as we use the product more, I’m sure we’ll think of ways to add to Connect.
    4. No questions, but hopefully those interested in Connect will get some good answers in the session.

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    Interesting. I loved being able to read the feedback from everyone.

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    Don Goldberg

    If you want to hear what the Adobe executive who manages Connect has to say about the connect in the government market, check out these videos on Adobe’s Government blog:

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    Don, it looks like you meant to attach a link, but I don’t see it.

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    Don Goldberg

    i thought it might not have attached (I did it through the link icon)– here it is: thanks for point that out

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    Bryan M Muntzer

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