Does anyone have a good story on use of humor in the workplace?

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    Dale S. Brown

    Hi, I am writing a column titled “The Civil Service Career Coach” which is published in NARFE magazine (National Association for Retired and Active Federal Employees.” It comes out quarterly. The last two columns were on RIFs and VERA’s – so I wanted to make the next one lighter.

    I have the exciting job of writing a serious column on humor- seriously! The column is about how to use humor constructively in the workplace. I have a great interview with Mark Gorkin, the Stress Doc (He’s the guy who writes about practicing Safe Stress) and now am interested in some actual stories- times when you or someone you know has used humor constructively to move a situation forward. Clean and publishable only smile. Let me know if you want to be anonymous or quoted.

    I attached a copy of one of my columns- not sure how that works, but it’s copyrighted, so please respect that. I thought you might want to read one.

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    In my over 30 years I have seen humor many times at many agencies a few that come to mind Once when a colleague was asked how long that the procedure he had just explained to a frustrated client (taxpayer) had been in place he quickly responded as long as he had been there – little did the taxpayer realize that he was talking to the newest person in the office who had only been employed for a month. Another time when I was tasked with writing a response to a major 3 lettered police agency concerning their request for a safer more secure location I include the option of providing armed escorts to the new location think that someone in the chain of command & review would remove the offer before the Regional Administrator signed it of course no one did the letter was signed & went out. The response was not nice but only question asked of me was “Can we do that?” I responded we must be able to because the Regional Administrator made the offer! I did not have to opportunity to write any more letters.

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