Does Facebook Decrease Your Waistline?

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    Shannon Kennedy
    I just finished reading a great story about how a social media user took dieting to a new world, the social media world that is. Ann Houston Staples uses Facebook as an accountability resource for her diet. Determined to lose a few extra pounds, Ann updates her Facebook status with pictures and descriptions of the foods she eats each day.

    “I noticed that a lot of my FB friends occasionally posted photos and descriptions of their meals. I thought that if I made myself do that for everything I ate, I would have more accountability in my eating life, because I would be ashamed to post the way I had been eating.
    So — I know what is right, in terms of how to eat — I just need some accountability to keep me on track.”

    Many people have taken their own food journals online in the form of dedicated blogs, but Ann claims she chose Facebook as her social media outlet because she already spends a lot of her online time on the site and has a huge support system of friends on the social network.

    What a great way to use social media and one’s social media audience to maintain a healthy lifestyle! Afterall, so many people have support groups they attend when making lifestyle changes, why not one that is online 24/7?

    To read the full story, visit: Pulse & Signal

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    Steve Ressler

    Cool story…

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