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    Michael Zomber

    I am an MPA graduation candidate (I plan on graduating in June) with a specialization in fiscal administration. It appears that becoming a Certified Government Financial Manager could help me find a job and progress in my career but I have not actually heard this from anyone with experience in this field. Can anyone verify that is it is indeed worthwhile for someone pursuing a career in public fiscal administration to obtain a CGFM?

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    Peter Sperry

    I earned my CGFM after working in the field for several years. I cannot say it has been particularly helpful but it doesn’t hurt. The cost and effort to gain certification is not excessive. As might be expected from a credential sponsored by accountants, the CGFM leans very heavily on bookkeeping with camparatively little (ie. none) empahsis on the higher level thinking required for budget analysis. Nevertheless, It may be more helpful for someone early in their career who needs to get credentials quickly.

    Depending on the focus of your career interests, you may want to get a CPA to demonstrate your bookkeeping skills.

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