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    Shannon Kennedy

    Happy Friday everyone! On my drive home last Friday, I saw something hilarious. A man was blaring his music and jamming out (complete with drumming on his steering wheel). He looked extremely happy to be headed home for the weekend. This reminded me of one of my favorite GEICO mascots, Maxwell.

    Does your Friday commute look something like this?

    How are you spending your weekend? Hitting the road and heading out of town? Being productive? Share your weekend plans below!


    GEICO was created in 1936 to provide auto insurance to federal government employees and their families. 75 years later, GEICO is one of America’s strongest, most financially stable companies thanks to the company’s dedication and support of the federal worker. GEICO is a proud partner of GovLoop. Check out the GEICO Federal Program on Facebook.

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    Mark Hammer
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    Shannon Kennedy

    Haha I love it! It can be a new Friday anthem! Thanks for sharing Mark!

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    I try to give my wife her time (cooking, relaxing, or shopping.) I take over the baby’s duty on Friday and hand over the duty back to her on Sunday. I used 1/3 of Costco’s baby wipes on my first time changing her diaper.

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    I have a great drive home, about 15 miles and 30 minutes. No traffic except for the farmers moving cows from one field to another, do watch out for the mud in the road though … not mud afterall. One of the benefits of working for the US gov’t overseas, welcome to the Azores.

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    Eric Erickson

    This gets me thinking about something completely unrelated – but perhaps somewhat relevant. HOW MANY MASCOTS DOES GEICO HAVE?!?! It’s generally accepted that a successful branding or marketing campaign would feature ONE primary mascot or spokesperson – for instance Ronald McDonald, that Old Spice guy or the peppy lady from the Porgessive Insurance commercials. Geico has the gecko, the creepy bundle of money, the cavemen, those E Hollywood True Story spoofs with the narrator…and now Maxwell the Pig.

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    Mark Shepherd

    I had never seen this GEICO commercial. LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing. I sat in a traffic disaster a couple of days ago that seemed to never end. In fact, it went on for about 20 miles. Just when I thought it would end there would be a short break and yet another accident. There was a time during one of the stand stills that roughly 7-8 of us were all listening to the same radio station, blaring the Rolling Stones loudly and singing along to “Satisfaction.”

    It is definitely time for a LONG weekend!

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