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    Michele Schwartzman

    Interested in how agencies across the Federal Governement provide training for its staff.

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    My agency provides a variety of methods for IT training. The basic IT software training is provided through web-based methods such as Skillsoft. If you need more advanced training or the web-based training didn’t work so well for you, you may be approved to attend a local course. In addition, you may be approved to attend training outside your commuting area. The key to all training is to ensure that you have developed an individual development plan, approved by your supervisor, that focuses on current weaknesses and your needs for the future to continue performing your job most efficiently.

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    [email protected]

    My Agency, the Defense Contract Management Agency (, utilizes a couple methods. First, for the internal DCMA software tools used daily for various contract admin functions, they host a ‘Training Academy’. This resource includes PowerPoint presentations, webinar recordings and FAQ documentation for personnel to utilize on a Just in Time basis. Also, we have purchased rights to SkillSoft as well for MS Office-type training, as well as other leadership online classes, etc. Last but not least, we are required to be certified per the Defense Acquisition Workforce Improvement Act (DAWIA) through the Defense Acquisition University, so much of our formal training is done through online and resident classes. If you have any other questions, please let me know. Thanks!

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    Lisa Coates

    Yes, we provide all types of training for our staff. We also have a Learning Resource Center to hold the training. Most of the time, we have to recruit folks to come to training…go figure.

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    Robert W. Clarke

    Speaking as a training provider with many government customers, it will be interesting to see how training is affected as this and following years’ agency budget cuts get implemented. I’ve written on the value of SharePoint end-user training as calculated by government agencies, and I know from what we hear from agencies taking our courses that for many IT technologies such as SharePoint, and methodologies such as Agile project management, students value instructor-led training over elearning training like Skillsoft and Element K both because they can ask the instructor questions on what they don’t understand, and because they learn from interacting with other students in the classes, either within their own agencies or from other agencies in our public open enrollment courses.

    I’m watching to see how many of our requests move from live onsite training at the agencies, to live onlinetraining using virtual classroom technology that will allow agency staff to still interact with the instructor and other students, and at the same time save travel money for the agencies and travel time for the staff. The jury is still out on that.

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    Katt Hancher

    We are a contractor with employees at several agencies. We have an extensive library of IT online courses available to our employees 24X7 and a budget available for anything contractually required outside of that library and testing for certifications. Can’t compete if our employees aren’t remaining competitive.

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    Henry Brown

    The last two agencies that I was engaged in/with handled IT training completly different. The most recent one (at least in the section I was with) took the attitude training is nice BUT it can’t interfere with your productive work and if you are going to do it on the government “dime” it needs to directly relate to your job description.

    A previous agency took the approach that a well trained employee would be much more productive and worked rather hard in making sure the individual training plans were not only relevant but were adhered to by ALL

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