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    Davis Bourland

    Was making the normal blog rounds this morning when I came across Dr. Joyce at the School of Government discussing GPS monitoring. The subject is particularly relevant to my work; we will culminate an enterprise implementation of automated vehicle locators on our city’s entire fleet well before the end of this fiscal year. At this point, the potential for vehicle monitoring is common knowledge across ranks in our staff. Still, the opportunity for mishap in its use remains somewhat untested. Have any GovLoopers out there implemented GPS monitoring programs in their fleets? What problems raised or not raised by Dr. Joyce did you face? Are there lessons learned? Do you have general advice for policies and procedures?

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    Katharine Greenlee

    This is an issue that local governments have been trying to tackle for a while from what I have seen on ICMA’s Knowledge Network. While there does not appear to be a clear-cut policy on this issue yet here are a few resources that might shed some light on what other local governments are doing and their thoughts on this issue.

    If you are interested in the benefits that GPS and GIS can provide your local government consider heading over to the Knowledge Network to learn more on this topic as we have many blog posts, articles, and documents on this topic.



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    Davis Bourland

    A great set of resources! I appreciate especially the point about GIS. Our vendor offers the opportunity to coordinate data with Esri – hopefully we’ll be able to go this route. Will offer some updates here and on the knowledge network as we progress. Thanks,


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    Julie Chase

    I see it going that way. We installed cameras in gov vehicles and the backlash was unbelievable. Depends on who is driving. Civilians with assigned vehicles likened it to “spying”, the activity duty didn’t care one way or the other. The union had to come in to discuss it. Most drivers put tape over the camera (civilians) and the active duty didn’t really care, because it’s not their vehicle, so if it gets wrecked, dented scratched….it’s of no consequence. All the cameras were removed over 4 yrs ago because they kept draining the batteries.

    As for mishaps, the person who “signs” for the vehicle is responsible. Civilians may get time on the beach for willful abuse of government property….but it goes through the union…et al and after a year the vehicle is repaired and it’s forgotten. Active duty…….willful abuse of gov vehicle ….there is no punishment. The gov eats the cost of repair damage to a leased or owned fleet vehicle. If GSA gives us permission to repair dents, bumpers, et al, we repair it, no reimbursement. Gov owned, we eat the cost.

    When my husband was active duty in the 70’s, if active duty wrecked a gov vehicle, the cost was pulled from their next LES. No ifs ands or buts. That rule needs to come back. Needless to say, my husband walked vs. checking out a gov vehicle or driving an assigned commercial vehicle. Ah, the good ol days.

    Yeah, bring on the GPS tracking. Great idea.

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