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    Jeanna Williams

    Hi! Would anyone mind taking part in a short survey for my thesis on the affects of social media? I am utilizing social networks to generate participants and make the study more relevant and conclusive. Thank you either way. Please share if you can.

    This link focuses on external communication. <a href=”Click”>“>Click here to take survey</a>

    This link focuses on internal communication. <a href=”Click”>“>Click here to take survey</a>

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    Jeremy Bertrand

    You will need to fix your link on this post, the link as it stands doesn’t work, it needs to be copied and pasted. It would also be great if you would give us another option besides never. The first three answers imply regular use, but there isn’t really a category for “not very often” or “have before but not recently”. The way you have it now may not really inform you about these uses. Would love to see the results of this if you are willing to post it.

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    Jeanna Williams
    External Communication
    Internal Communication

    Jeremy thanks for the heads up. I wanted to only poll those who use social media but as I reflect I didn’t state that expectation. Please send me an email/message and I will get the results to you, I have quite a few people who have inquired.

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    Tommy McInnis

    I completed the external survey. Good luck.

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    Jeanna Williams

    Thanks Tommy

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    Keith Moore

    Jeanna can you call me at my office. I want to help on this project. 202-449-7705.

    Would you be interested in expanding the survey and having some help to do so? If so, please call me at 609-206-1440.


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    Jeanna Williams

    Hi Keith, tried to you give a buzz and left a message. You can reach me by message on here as well. Thanks

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