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    Stephanie Noble
    Digital GOTV.

    Over the last 6 years I’ve built an impressive history in digital media
    marketing, social media analysis, and project management. I am among a
    select few women of color in the technology and marketing communications
    field that has consulted such a diverse collection of clients and
    committed to transforming the landscape. My most recent success has come
    with the election of Councilman Sharif, in the Central Ward of Newark,
    who beat an incumbent by using my strategy to reach multiple ethnic and
    age groups online that were previously ignored.

    In addition to effectively promoting non-profits and political candidates
    with persuasive Facebook and Twitter campaigns, I’m an out of the box
    thinker who knows how to mobilize an audience and transform them into
    enthusiasts that make a message go viral. I do more than just blog,
    tweet, and post, I create content that persuades others to share
    information with their friends and join the conversation.

    My campaigns are not driven by wishful thinking but by statistical data.
    I’ve utilized several reputable media monitoring software platforms to
    ensure that my strategies are having tangible impacts for my client. I
    know the needs of social change organizations. Campaigning on a cause
    requires nurturing an audience that has an affinity for our mission and
    I’ve proven track record of locating, growing, and mobilizing that
    audience thus making them an online community with power.
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    Keith Moore

    Hello Stephanie. My name is Keith Moore, Founder of Open Government TV, A Division of KDM & Associates. After viewing http://www.opengovtv.com, you believe this could be a firm you would like to exercise your talents then give me a call. 609-206-1440. I have asked our Operations Mgr in NY to reach out as well.

    I’m in NJ-SJ tomorrow, happy to meet you at 30th Street station for a milk shake.

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    Stephanie Noble


    Sounds great. I’d love to meet with you. Will check out the site and do some research. Look forward to speaking with you prior to meeting.

    All the best,


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