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    I know this is a long shot, I don't see many answers here but, here's my question. I am a federal employee, I am a GS6, I have a masters degree, and would like a higher level job just using my education, not my government experience. So the job I want is a GS9, and I am currently working in a GS6 position. I am qualified for the GS9 position, with my education. How do I submit my information for the GS9 job so they don't say I currently have a GS6 job therefor I am not qualified for the GS9 job? The position is within the same command as I work in now, so I can't just omit my federal job all together.

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    Florence Willburn

    New changes are occuring in educational field and hope that it will be useful to make advancement in our life style.

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