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    Toby Wraye
    1. The simpleType NUM can have 10 digits and 2 decimal places. Do the decimal places count as digits? Is the largest possible entry equal to 999999999.99 or 99999999.99?
    2. We are accustomed to a only entering whole number raw data not the percentages but the xml allows for either. Are we required to also supply the percentages?
    3. We are accustomed to entering some data manually because the raw data does not exist in our main database and is not included in our automated reports. Will we continue to add that data manually after we import the xml file or must we find a way to include that data in the xml file?
    4. Should we include one table per xml file or all tables in one xml file?
    5. There is inconsistencies in the XSD file example XML file and the documentation explaining the schema. I’ve been told a new schema is coming.

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