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    Margaret Salazar

    Hi everyone,

    I’m wondering who out there has been through a transition to a new Administration. I have been in the federal government for about two years and I’m already seeing some changes made… we have a couple of initiatives that were on hold for the last few years that are now being quickly pushed forward. For example, to much surprise there is suddenly a huge hiring wave (and many jobs are in the field) pertaining to some pet projects of some political appointees. Anyone seeing similar things happen? Any thoughts on when we would see more changes in a new administration?

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    Steve Ressler

    I’m a little curious as well on the timing of things.

    Specifically, what is the timeline on the various stages?

    January 2009 new administration
    When is the Cabinet approved by?
    Non-Cabinet heads (i.e new EPA chief, GSA chief, etc) – ?
    Mid-level Politicals approve (political CIOs, head of policy, etc) – ?

    Any other steps I’m missing?

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    Steve Ressler

    Pretty good article which some hints at timelines based on history-

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    Matthew W

    Margaret, one of the reasons that there is a lot of hiring going on is because budgets (including personnel) are expected to me much lower in years ahead… people want to fill, fill, fill the FTE now, now, now. So a lot of this is financial. A new administration is likely to put the breaks on any major policy or programmtic changes… and on hiring… so if you are looking to get promoted, now, now, now is the time to hunt for that job.

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    Matthew W

    There is no specific timeline, GovLoop… at least, not that I’m aware of (if you gave a lot of money, well, then you get your post sooner… I’m sorry to sound cynical).

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    Margaret Salazar

    Interesting perspectives. Much of the hiring wave here at HUD is in our single family division, not surprisingly… but it’s not so much in response to the mortgage crisis, it’s homeownership promotion and FHA modernization that were pet projects of this administration before the mortgage meltdown. With new legislation and a new administration it will be interesting to see whether some domestic agencies like HUD are slashed or bolstered. But overall that’s good to know — people fill positions at the end of an administration.

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