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    An open letter was forwarded to President Barack Obama and Mr. Aneesh Chopra regarding Electronic Proposal Task Force (EPTF) initiatives that are being presented by the
    Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). These address the need to create an
    e-migration Center of Excellence to represent best practices as we move
    from paper-driven to electronic-driven media for acquisition | e-procurement.

    The EPTF is seeking Government liaisons to provide input and feedback – to foster a confluence that is universal in tone and application. Aside from aiding in Green Initiatives and Paper Reduction Acts – e-migration will easily save taxpayers and Government contract offices $150M per annum for just 1000 standard sized proposal submissions.

    A request was included in both correspondences for Government buy-in and assistance by assignment of liaisons that will work with us on the following working groups:

    1. End-To-End: Authoring, Submission, and Review – the mission of this
      working group is to look at issues related to integrating authoring programs (e.g., word processors and commercial systems that, for example, parse Requests for Proposals
      and enable authors to collaborate on documents), submission systems (e.g., web-based or, for example, CD or DVD) and reviewing systems.
    2. On Being Paperless the mission of this working group is to look at practical ways to implement the capabilities of the paperless environment (e.g., audio, video, and interactive features).
    3. Government Relations the mission of this working group is to secure the involvement of the
      Government procurement community, particularly in the United States.
    4. Commercial Sector Customer Relations the mission of this working group is to explore how these innovations can be applied to the heterogeneous commercial proposal environment, which does not have the consistency and many of the formalities of the Government sector.

    If you have an interest in participating in this timely initiative – feel free to contact me at your convenience so that we can include you on a participant roster. This is especially timely for Chief Technology Officers, Chief Information Officers and Acquisition | Government Performance liaisons.

    We do have a working forum for information shares that you will gain access to. Papers will be developed. APMP-EPTF will share findings – initiatives – Center of Excellence vision at upcoming conferences and hopefully through a concerted effort result in new innovations among acquisition | e-procurement that jumpstart solutions to a new horizon that addresses many layers of industry. Guest speakers will be remain under consideration to represent the Government mindset.

    Thank you in advance.

    Kindly I do remain,

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