Elmhurst College asks the LGBT question of new students. Is this future diversity?

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    Elmhurst college, a privately owned college is asking its students a very controversial yet optional question on their admission application;

    “Would you consider yourself a member of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community?”

    Their goal, according to this article in the Chicago Tribune is to “increase diversity and give them a better understanding of LGBT students.”

    What are your thoughts? Is this the new form of diversity?

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    Stephanie Slade

    Good question! If it were a public school, I’d be uneasy with this. But I suppose a private college has the right to ask optional demographic questions and to pursue a diverse campus if they deem it to be in their interests. Why not?

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    Andreas Addison

    My first thought about this question is in relationship to the “member of the LGBT community” wording. I support my friends who are a part of this community and they consider me to be a part of their community as they include me in their thoughts, plans and activities. They are also not an isolated community, but an ingrained part of our society. So I would respond to this question with a clarifying comment: are they trying to increase their knowledge of the LGBT population and/or those that support and love those that are? This question to me confuses the attempt to find diversity and I would be more open to a question including the understanding, support and members of the LGBT community. They are not a community just to themselves and this question can easily be interpreted and read as if they are a single group.

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    @stephanie. What would your concerns be if this were a public school? Just curious…..

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    Hmmm. You raise a good point. I’m not sure what the motivator is here for Elmhurst. I like to think that Elmhurst is acknowledging the LGBT community. Granted it is an “ingrained part of our society” and has always been. I think that America has grown into the part of our society. Elmhurst is merely a snapshot of this growing acceptance. Just my thoughts. Money is always a motivator. Finding a marketing niche is always a good thing when growing the bottom line. Being a trailblazer in this area maybe what Elmhurst is after. Just my thoughts.

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    Megan Dotson

    I agree with you Andreas…the question should expand its scope to be more than just those who are LGBT but those who support, love and link arm-in-arm on LGBT issues.

    I’m still not sure why this question is totally relevant and I think there are other ways to learn more about the LGBT community if that is their true intent (i.e. supporting community events, forums for discussions and practice equality at all times).

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    Stephanie Slade

    I think there are legal, maybe even constitutional, claims (i.e., government shouldn’t be discriminating either for or against people based on demographics) that don’t necessarily apply to a private institution.

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    These would be hot button issues in the public forum. Thanks for sharing.

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