Employment Among Young Adults Hits Lowest Mark Since WW II

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    Camille Roberts

    Very interesting article. It leaves me thinking about a few things.

    I think it is GREAT that “older” people are still working. If they want to and are able, why not? In the past 7 days, I have had 3 new clients all with 25-32+ years of service in Federal government ready to move into their next career. Their accomplishments and talents really are amazing.

    It is a good thing that America has so many people with a college degree. However, it is sad that new graduates are having such a difficult time landing a job, competing with 4 generations in the work place and have all that college debt.

    What do you think about 60+ people working and competing with college graduates? How can the problems be solved, or better yet, how can we help all the generations work together?

    What questions/answers/comments do you have after reading the article?


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    Corey McCarren

    Unfortunately it appears as if the link is broken. I’m very glad to be working at GovLoop and to have a job. The toughest part is if you can’t land a decent job before the student loans come in. I don’t mind paying my dues, but it does seem as if there has to be some way to improve the loan system. I can’t complain unless I come up with a solution though!

    Honestly I think the worst thing is the fact that students almost need to have an unpaid internship after graduation to ever get the experience they need to be hired for a career launching job. Even for jobs graduates are easily qualified for they ask for at least a year or so of experience. How are graduates to ever get that experience if they need money for loans, yet can only find unpaid jobs that will ever help them move up? In my opinion every internship for graduates needs to be paid, with maybe a couple of exceptions, like start-ups and nonprofits.

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    Camille Roberts

    Hi Corey,

    Thank you for letting me know about the link. I clicked on it and it worked. However, I am re-pasting it in here. If it doesn’t work, go to http://www.collegeclasses.com, then in the search box, type employment and it will pop up–fourth one down on the list today.


    Also, I think more paid internships would definitely help the students. Speaking of which, I could use a few. 😉

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