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    Ori Hoffer

    I’m working on an article on how project managers/teams can use social media to engage their stakeholders, and would love to have some real-world examples. Any help would be appreciated.

    – Did you avoid a hidden implementation issue by sharing and testing along the way?

    – Did your project stay on the right path by having regular online discussions as opposed to the typical “status update” meeting?

    – Were you able to identify new stakeholders or additions to your project team through social media channels?


    Ori Hoffer

    Social Media Strategist


    [email protected]

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    Josh Nankivel

    Personally, I don’t count Instant Messaging, Blogs, Wikis, or Screen Sharing via WebEx, etc. as ‘social media’ — but I know some have a different definition. I see “New Media” as encompassing all these plus social media. Social media being the Facebook-like sites (internal and external) and Twitter/Yammer tools.

    You may want to get in contact with Hal Macomber or other Yammer users. Personally, I haven’t found any benefit from social media (as I’ve defined it above) in my own projects.

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    Ori Hoffer

    Josh – I’d beg to differ. In your own article – https://www.govloop.com/profiles/blogs/blame-failure-on-your-project-stakeholders – you write about the need to keep stakeholders constantly in the loop, and clear on the project. Seems like a social tool like Salesforce Chatter or Yammer would do just that, plus it provides documentation of the discussion.

    And I would totally put blogs & wikis in the social category – any time groups of people can contribute to (via comments or updates) and share a piece of content, in my view it’s become social.

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    Travis K. Anderson

    I used SharePoint and SharePoint Designer to create a bid and proposal pipeline analysis workflow system. We were able to integrate SharePoint with MS Excel. Access, and Info Path using data from our opportunities database. After quering the primary CRM database we would store the data in MS Excel in a static location. Then auto linked to the MS Excel file as a table within MS Access. MS Access was need to determine the organizational decision level which was based on several criteria like RFP value, fee %, CONUS/OCONUS, etc. The MS Access was auto linked to the SharePoint site where we could display the data in a library. Also using MS Info Path we could link to library fields to produce a Bid-NoBid decision form that was progressed through our BD lifecycle via a creative SharePoint workflow built in SharePoint Designer.

    Our stakeholders ranged from the BU manager down to the individual BD POCs. Our pipeline was over $6 billion in allocated value. We figured moving to a social media based system saved two FTE of administrative effort vs. the old powerpoint method.

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    We have issued yammer for internal communication on project teams to allow for more immediate collaboration versus the extra time needed to setup phone calls and meetings. We have found it helps to resolve potential issues sooner and also has been a great tool for virtual teams.

    We have also used collaborate wikis to promote discussion on items where stakeholder input is needed to weigh in to help solidify requirements and resolve uncertainties. We have found the add’l benefit being that the stakeholders are more bought into the process/solution.

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    Steve Ressler

    So on the GovLoop team, we use social media for our projects in a couple ways

    We actually use a private group on GovLoop to talk to the GovLoop team. So for example when working on our Next Generation Summit or new android app, we’ll often talk about it at our weekly meeting but also have a discussion thread open before/after to share other ideas (not everyone wants to talk at a meeting)

    I think communications is the biggest issue with most projects so social media is a great way to put out even more information and get quick feedback.

    I also ping people on Twitter & GovLoop when looking for people to quickly look at a demo project (like an alpha project)

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