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    Steve Ressler

    May interest others..

    Vacancy: Entry Level Mechanical Engineer with HVAC experience

    Pay Grade GS-5, Bachelor’s Degree (Mechanical Engineering), GPA lower than 2.95, Starting Salary = $43,883.
    Pay Grade GS-7, Bachelor’s Degree (Mechanical Engineering), GPA higher than 2.95, Starting Salary = $54,373
    Pay Grade GS-9, Master’s Degree (Mechanical Engineering), Starting Salary = $60,963.

    Department: Medical Facilities Design Office (MFDO), Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC)

    Location: Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C.

    Description: The NAVFAC Head Quarters Medical Facilities Design Office
    is looking for a Professional Development Center (PDC) intern in the
    field of Mechanical Engineering. The following class work experience is
    desired: Power System Theory and Design, Heating Ventilation, and
    Cooling (HVAC) Theory and Design, Environmental Controls, Energy
    Conservation (and/or Green Technology), Fluids and Thermodynamics.
    Internships or co-op experience related to HVAC, industrial
    ventilation, plumbing, or pressurized gas systems
    design/production/installation in addition to or in lieu of in some
    cases (based on nature of work) above class work is desirable-but not

    MFDO Background: The MFDO is responsible for providing specialized
    consultation in the areas of Navy Medical Facilities acquisition,
    planning, design, construction, and operation and maintenance. Our
    responsibilities include the planning and programming coordination of
    technical review, technical responsibilities of mandatory
    certifications of designs, and the sole responsibility for reviewing
    medical specific criteria. We also provide support during construction
    to ensure that facilities are constructed, maintained, and operated as
    designed which includes monitoring and instilling life-cycle

    Interested in applying for this intern program, please use the following link: https://portal.navfac.navy.mil/portal/page/portal/navfac/navfac_forstudents_pp

    ** Immediate Vacancy ** Please apply today! Please send email notification upon submittal of your application to [email protected].

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    Kashi Chavis

    Good Morning Mr. Trombly,

    is this position still available???

    My name is Kashi Chavis, I would like to submit my resume to you for this

    I am including a Scope Of Experince and my LinkedIn web site

    to highlight my experience.

    Please, contact me when you receive this email.

    Thank You, for your time,

    Kashi L. Chavis

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