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    Marco Morales

    A new book titled, “Slow Death by Rubber Duck,” raises some interesting questions especially from throughout our general public about the hidden dangers of everyday consumables such as plastic containers, deodorants, shampoos (and other off-the-shelf products – too many to name here…), common-use furniture, and food. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever wondered why so many people exposed to toxins are acquiring illnesses including forms of cancer.

    Has anyone read this book and do we have any EPA folks who may also want to add their thoughts on this topic?

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    Candace Riddle

    Try posting this in the EPA group section for some more feedback. I’ve never read this book, but I have reviewed one that talks about common illnesses from everyday foods. It was almost enough to make we want to go vegan…almost 🙂

    Here is the link to the EPA group site.



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    Marco Morales

    Thanks, Candace. I will do that.

    I believe there may be a connection to how it is affecting current and how it will affect future generations of people who, through no fault of their own, are forced into this “passive participation” by the folks who own global factories and financial power (multi-national corporations) over large populations.


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