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    An opportunity to work for the Arizona Department of Enviromental Quality! This position serves as co-Administrator of the Air Assessment Ambient Database (AAAD) and as backup to the Data Collection System (DCS)Air Quality System (AQS) database; provides data management and technical support to studies on air quality, air pollution, ambient monitoring, visibility and urban haze; works to ensure data are of appropriate quality throughout the data flow process from collection to reporting; provides data management review and reporting for ADEQ’s ambient air monitoring programs in support of the following state and federal programs; National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Station (PAMS), National Air Toxic Trend Sites (NATTS), PM2.5 Chemical Speciation Network (CSN), Urban and Wilderness Visibility. These data support the determination of attainment/non-attainment for areas within the state and provide trend data that support re-designation determinations; also contributes to statistical analysis of the data in support of State Implementation Plans and to the preparation of reports for EPA. These reports include the Annual Network Review and the Annual Air Monitoring Report submitted to EPA.

    Apply at AzStatejobs.gov

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