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    Allison Primack

    Recently I have been noticing that more employers have been using Skype as a means of interviewing candidates for a job position who live in different cities, as opposed to flying them out for an interview. It makes sense because you can see the candidate, as opposed to just listening to them on a phone call while saving money on transportation. Which leads to my question…

    What is proper etiquette for Skype interviews?

    Is the interviewee expected to “dress to impress”? How is this different from a phone/in-person interview?
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    Steve Cottle

    Here’s my list:

    -yes, dress to impress

    -don’t have the camera at a weird looking-up-from-below angle (especially on built in webcams)!

    -plain background with no movement behind you and decent lighting

    -look into camera (not off into distance, down, etc.)

    -plus phone etiquette (no background noise, shuffling papers, etc.)

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    Corey McCarren

    I definitely agree with all of Steve Cottle’s recommendations. For me, a Skype interview is 10 times better than a phone interview. I rely a lot on being friendly, respectful, and having proper etiquette while interviewing as well as my knowledge and qualifications. Though I feel confident in my experiences, I also minored in communication studies and during interviews, ect, half my brain is focused my responses while the other half is thinking about the non-verbal signals I’m giving and getting.

    I prefer in-person to skype or phone interviews any day of the week. I get a little bit nervous during interviews when I’m unable to get an idea of how the person is reacting to my responses.

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    John Ressler

    Couple extra ones
    -Make sure you have good wifi so isn’t too choppy

    -May want to invest in headphones or headphones w/ mic to optimize the background noise and optimize the experience

    -Do it from home. Not a coffee shop

    -No animals hanging around

    -Be careful about timing – sometimes it’s easy to talk over each other on Skype. Take an extra pause before talking to deal with that delay

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    Jerry Rhoads

    If the purpose is to do a video call, I would say yes –dress to impress. If you were doing an interview at Panera or Starbucks, would you go casual? Probably not. So I would treat the Skype video call in the same respect.

    If it is a phone screen or phone interview, dress comfortable. I have always found the phone interviewees will be their true self –maybe this is why…….

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    Jerry Rhoads

    Great advice!

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