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    Brian Gryth

    Does any one have an example of a state or state agency that has implemented a system like compstat or citistat to measure performance?

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    Hillary Hartley

    Hi Brian. I assume you know O’Malley took the idea with him from Baltimore to the state level in MD?


    Other than that, I don’t know of a state government that has done anything similar. Will be curious to hear if individual agencies are doing anything!

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    Brian Gryth


    The Colorado Secretary of State may institute compstat in the near future.

    Thanks for the information.

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    Beat me to it, Hillary 😉

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    New York and Georgia are also mentioned in this Pew report:


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    Ellyn Avila

    I believe Maryland is

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    Bob Woods

    Take a look at what teh city of Albany, Oregon has done. Our Dashbopard has been up for over two years.ICMA Benchmark performance provided standardized multi-jurisdictional/national comparisons. Try the Police Department from our system, and look at the prgram with the pie-chart icon:

    Albany Dashboard

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    Jeremy Sutherland

    Hello Brian,

    The City of Vancouver, WA has posted a nice set of features on their website and actually won an ICMA award in 2010 for the good work.

    Going forward, they are thinking about using a tool something like this demo page: https://www.clearpointstrategy.com/publish/cityofvancouver2028 , to post the latest trends and results for citizens to see.

    If you are interested in a live demo or free trial version of ClearPoint, a web-based strategy management and dashboard tool used to build the demo site above, visit https://www.clearpointstrategy.com/promo/ or you can message me directly.

    Best wishes!


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    Paul M Raetsch

    Brian – Professor Robert Behn at the Harvard Kennedy School has been working on this for years. He helped establish the comnpstat for the NYPD and city of Baltimore. His monthly newsletter has several examples of articles he has written regarding citistat, compstat, and performance measurement: http://www.hks.harvard.edu/thebehnreport/

    This is an example of his work: http://www.businessofgovernment.org/report/what-all-mayors-would-know-about-baltimore%E2%80%99s-citistat-performance-strategy

    I find his work to be easily understood and often use his papers on leadership, performance management, etc, in the Public Administration courses I teach.

    Good luck

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    Jeremy Sutherland

    The City of Durham, North Carolina just went live with a new public portal where citizens, taxpayers, and city leadership can monitor the cities key measures, ongoing initiatives, and see how they all align to the five major focus areas on their strategic plan.

    An overview of the development process is available here: City of Durham’s Strategic Planning and Performance Reporting System

    The focus areas include:

    • A Strong and Diverse Economy
    • A Safe and Secure Community
    • Thriving, Livable Neighborhoods
    • Being a Well Managed City
    • Stewardship of the City’s Physical Assets

    Key performance indicators include:

    • Net gain in jobs
    • Number and value of building permits
    • Growth in the tax base
    • Property and violent crime rates
    • Emergency response times
    • Public transportation ridership
    • City bond rating
    • Per capita tax burden
    • Street Pothole repair time
    • and more!

    A sneak-preview of the site is included below (click on the picture below to go to the full site)

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