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    Esther Dacanay

    It seems quite a few of my acquaintances find it a challenge obtaining permanent federal employment because they either entered federal employment through an excepted service appointment, or are currently in a term placement position. Furthermore, a few federal employment spouses who were stationed overseas and have the eligiblity of Executive Order 12127 have a challenge making it through stateside federal employment eligibility barriers simply because the hiring authority did not request that HR place EO12127 eligibles under the “Who May Apply” section.

    This seems like a frustrating situtation to be in, especially for federal job seekers who are fully qualified. The easy fix would be to build awareness among federal hiring authorities and encourage them to request that their HR contact add EO12127 among the list of eligible appointees. I know of one incident where someone applied to a position that was supposed to be for competitive appointment. The applicant’s name, who, was on an excepted service appointment at the time, was pushed through to the referral list. The hiring authority reviewed all the resumes on the referral list, found that person to be the best-qualified candidate, but HR said there was a mistake, that person’s name should have never been on the referral list to begin with because he/she was in an excepted service appointment in a competitive appointment announcement. However, the hiring authority decided to cancel the original recruitment announcement, then re-posted the same announcement and had HR open the announcement up to EO12127 eligibles and waited for the original candidate’s name to show up on the referral list from the revised job announcement. The HR department told the candidate that if more hiring authorities knew about EO12127, they could have it listed under “Who May Apply” and it would simply open up their candidate pool to additional qualified applicants.

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