Exploiting Employee’s Talent: Budget Cuts = Innovation Alive.

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    Candace Riddle

    According to the Mayor of Frederick, MD, in his State of the City address, Frederick is self performing some projects to save money. And those projects that need to be outsourced; they’re purchasing from local vendors to stimulate the economy. View the entire story here. 

    We are also making strides to use our current resources effectively. City

    employees from various departments assisted the Purchasing

    Department in conducting an independent count of the City’s warehouse

    inventory. Another area of demonstrating an effective use of City

    resources is having the City Department of Public Works staff

    reconstruct the swinging bridge and installing one of the final sections of

    the shared use path in Baker Park. The City has talented employees

    from multiple trades and with a wealth of experience and knowledge. On

    a daily basis, these employees complete projects in-house, saving the

    taxpayer’s time and money completing projects with existing City

    resources. For projects that cannot and should not be completed in-

    house, the City continuously purchases goods and services from local


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    Stephanie Slade

    Awesome! See, I do think there’s the potential for budget cuts to spark innovation. Obviously, if you cut to the point where there are too few resources to get the job done then creative cost-saving measures will only take you so far. But it’s reassuring to know governments are at least optimistic.

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    Jay Johnson

    Totally agree. They say that – “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

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