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    Mark Horowitz

    Can anyone recommend interesting federal buildings to explore where all you need is your federal ID card? The other day, I walked into the Commerce building, and I didn’t realize it had a beautiful interior. The only other federal building I’ve visited is the the Old Executive Office building, but you need special permission for that. Same with Treasury.

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    Terrence Hill

    The main Interior building is also historic and had a museum on the ground floor. I think that all you need is a government ID to get in. Check it out at http://www.doi.gov/interiormuseum/index.cfm.

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    Steve Ressler

    Library of Congress

    Rayburn and most of Hill buildings

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    Patt Franc

    If you’re in Denver, visit the Denver Federal Center Museum! More http://denver.yourhub.com/Denver/Stories/News/Story~572463.aspx

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    Jeff S

    The USDA-South Building at Independence and 14th was built in the 1920’s. Unfortunately the only large building plans they had at the time were for prisons. Take down the doors and put up bars and you have a prison.

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    William Lim

    I have had success arranging guided tours of area state & federal courthouses for my agency’s summer interns. All you need to do is call a few weeks ahead to the court clerk’s office and ask to speak to a public information officer. The older buildings especially have wonderful paintings, mosaics, and statues, plus the guide can usually spin a few stories about (in)famous trials from “back in the day”.

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