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    Juan Jackson

    Hello all,

    I work for the Department of VA where I recently completed the Federal Acquisition Federal Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC P/PM) Mid-level. The VA program is comprised of four courses that provide the competencies needed to plan and execute programs/projects to successfully accomplish business needs.

    I currently am a COR that manages only one contract/project but I feel the training gave me the knowledge and competencies to manage any project of medium complexity.

    Has anyone else completed the FAC P/PM training? If so, would you say it has helped your career?

    cheers, Juan

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    Josh Nankivel

    I haven’t, but can you tell us more about the program Juan?

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    Dear Juan,

    I have been a COR, CO, and PM and am now retired from federal government. Today I am the CEO of The Acquisition Institute Inc., at http://www.acquisitioninstitute.com, and I can tell you simply this having been a former DAU instructor, GSA FAC instructor, contracting officer and more. The government since 2001 has done much to “professionalize” being a COR or PM, but the reality is that taking any of the courses offered by DAU or GSA FAI is not going to enhance your career all that much, and it will not help you get promoted. Most of that comes by WHO you know, not WHAT you know or HOW smart you really are as a federal employee. Sad, but fact of life. But…taking DAU or FAC courses will not hurt you, but not taking any will keep you from working specific and more exciting/complex projects which could be fun, or could be a real bear. That said, don’t think that just because you have or will take Level III training as a COR or PM that you’ll get promoted to a 14 or 15. The reality is you will need to have specific higher ups that want you, and it will not always be based on what you know or how much education you have had. It’s nice to say that you are a CPCM, CPPO, PMP etc….but end the end it might only buy you a cup of coffee. What do you think it is worth to you?

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    Juan Jackson

    Josh – The purpose of the FAC-P/PM is to ensure agencies accomplish mission goals, develop skilled program/project managers, and increase the likelihood of achieving positive outcomes by building competencies in (1) developing accurate government requirements, (2) defining measurable performance standards, and managing contractor activities.

    The VA program is a 20-day series consisting of 5 courses to provide participants a clear understanding of how to plan and execute programs/projects to successfully accomplish business needs.


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    Juan Jackson

    Robert – Thanks for the feedback. For me personally, the courses provided me with strategies best practices and artifacts I can use on future projects.

    It was also great to network with other professionals and share ideas regarding managing projects.


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    Steve Ressler

    I take my capstone next week and I am so excited. I am also preparing for the PMP as well. Double duty here! :- My experience is a mixture of quasi-agency, private industry and federal project management. I’m sort of surprised there has been little talk of the FAC-P/PM training at govloop because everyone that I know is pretty much taking it no matter which agency they are in. Some in addition, to the PMP, DAWIA.and any other certifications especially if they are in IT. This is just my observation!


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