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    Tim Constantine


    It seems that Facebook is always changing the way Facebook works. We created a page in Facebook in an attempt to promote our services, but it seems like now:

    1) When someone Likes our page, that doesn’t show up in their activity for their friends to see.

    2) People don’t see the posts on our page in their NewsFeed.

    So it seems like a Facebook page is not really useful for promoting our services.

    So…Why have a Facebook page?

    Am I missing something?


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    Terrence Hill

    Speaking from strictly a Facebook user’s perspective, I have over time restricting my activity to sharing information with a select group of family and friends. Even though I may have “Liked” organizations (e.g. Starbucks, Southwest, White House, etc.), I quickly grew tired of their daily “news” articles and chose to “hide” all posts from these organizations. I get that information from other sources (mostly Twitter feeds) and if I am interested, I will click on the links there. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have a Facebook page, or a Google+ page, but I’m not sure what good it is for organizations.

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    Emily Landsman

    Hi Tim,

    While Facebook does continue to change the way pages show up in people’s feeds (I still haven’t figured THAT out) I think there are a few things you can do to to at least increase your followers to increase the chance of interaction.

    • Have you promoted your page? This would include a “Like us on Facebook!” kind of button on your web site, a link in your email signature, or a few status updates on your own page by you and your other page admins if you have any. (“Hey friends, you know I work for XYZ agency. Have you seen our page? Please visit and like us!”)
    • You might also want to consider Facebook ads. They are rather inexpensive and you can be VERY selective with your audience (by age, gender, zip code, interests, keywords in profiles, etc) and they have a number of different options as to how you can pay.
    • Make sure your wall is open so people can post on it. This will take a bit of monitoring, yes, but if I can’t post on a page’s wall and interact, there’s less of a chance I’ll go back to visit the page later.
    • Make sure your posts are valuable. Do you ask questions or otherwise ask for follower input? That two way communication is important. Links to news articles or news releases on your web page, for example, may be good to share.

    Terry has two good points, though. Make sure you don’t post many times during the day, unless you have some sort of emergency, because people tend to see that as feed spam. Once or twice a day is good if you have interesting content. Also, if someone hides your posts, there’s nothing you can really do about that.

    Hope these suggestions help. Have you tried any of them before?


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    Corey McCarren

    I also think that Facebook users are getting tired of it and becoming less interactive. People are being turned off by having their entire lives documented online without having controlled the content (I don’t want people seeing pictures of me wearing punk clothes at 14, thank you very much). I honestly think that Facebook is going to decline not in numbers, but in activity and interaction. As such, I think its usefulness as a tool for companies/agencies/nonprofits is becoming more and more limited.

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    Tim Constantine

    Hi Emily,

    I liked our agency page with my personal account. I have not taken any action to hide the posts from our agency page – they just don’t show up. We have encouraged people to like our page to some extent but if they don’t see our posts I’m wondering what’s the point.

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    Emily Landsman

    Hm…if you are posting and people who like the page haven’t hidden you, they should see you in their feed. the only thing I can think of is the page isn’t “published” correctly. Click edit page on the upper right side and under settings the first box says unpublish page…the box should be unchecked. I’m not sure.

    If you feel comfortable, do you mind sharing the page? I’d like to peek at it. Otherwise, I do like the help section there…they change things around so much I’ve used it many times. Give that a try. Also, I know people have gotten decent responses in the past from Facebook staff when they have had problems. You might want to contact them about it.

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    Elliot Volkman

    Hey Tim –

    When people like your page it will still show up in their feed, and it will show up in the mini-feed. However, you are right about your second point. Unfortunately page content will not be showing up in every persons feed even if they like the page. It is based on something called EdgeRank, and it uses a half-secret/half known method on who will see what you post. You can learn more about Edgerank on this site.

    There are two main reasons why this is occurring. Facebook wants to make more money from using their ad platform, and second it is Facebook’s attempt to clean up and de-clutter feeds. Unless someone has previously engaged with your content in the past, or you post about things they have interacted with you have a much lower chance of it being viewed.

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    Tim Constantine

    Outstanding answer Elliot! I never heard of EdgeRank and was beginning to think I was losing my mind. My guess is that the vast majority of government agencies, local dry cleaners, and everywhere else I see those “Like us on Facebook” signs never heard of EdgeRank either. I wonder how many of the organizations would feel “cheated” for taking time, effort, and money to promote their Facebook page and therefore to promote Facebook. Facebook Page = Very Limited Value! Thanks for the info!

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