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    What will you do for Thanksgiving this year? How much time off do you get or will you take? Where will you go? Who will you share a meal, the day, the week with? Any traditions?

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    Thanksgiving @ my home! Small group of family and plenty of football. Time off? Only Thursday.

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    Sounds like a great day to me, Tricia! Thanks for weighing in. Enjoy the holiday!

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    Sam Allgood

    Missed seeing this before Thanksgiving. We were home with all of our children and their families … first time that I can remember that happening since they all left home. The weekend before we got to see family members from both my and my wife’s families due to the death of my wife’s brother.

    We had lots of food, watched a lot of football (much to my daughter’s dismay), and played games together (a family tradition). They are all back to their respective homes safely.

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    Sam, thanks for weighing in- even post-holiday! Our Thanksgiving was very similar. We played Guesstures and Apples to Apples. We didn’t watch as much football as I thought we would. We did tape the Packers games from Thursday and watched some of it Sunday though.

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