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    Don Simmons

    Does anyone here knows what site or publication that summarizes the FAR in parts. It could be organizational summary of the FAR or personal note of the FAR parts. This will be helpful to new acquisition professionals.

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    Carey Bandler

    Believe it or not, the Wikipedia page is a good outline:


    Or I use the ‘Search the Far’ function on:


    Great, public resource that costs nothing and is relatively simple to navigate. Most other resources are fee based, in my experience.

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    Sterling Whitehead

    NCMA does a bit of this with some of the books you can buy, but they’re still a pain to read.

    I’d like to see an app or webware that can pull apart the FAR in ways other than the current keyword search.

    These other ways would be through mashups, mindmaps and other visual methods. Think http://www.mind42.com or http://www.freebase.com.

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